Why Homeowners Should Consider Using Frameless Showers In Their Bathrooms

Why Homeowners Should Consider Using Frameless Showers In Their Bathrooms

Perhaps you are considering having your bathroom renovated and upgraded. Or perhaps, you may have grown weary of the shower curtain adorning your bathroom’s shower area. Whatever your case may be, adding frameless showers to your bathroom is a good way to improve its appearance and increase your property’s overall value.

The popularity of this type of showers has increased among homeowners in recent years. Aside from complementing bathrooms that use the minimalist approach in design, these showers offer several other advantages.

Making Small Bathrooms Bigger

For one, they can almost instantly improve your bathroom’s look. They are versatile enough to fit just about any design style and they can exude a sense of elegance to just about any bathroom. Additionally, many designers favour their use especially in small bathrooms because they reduce visual clutter and give a sense of space.

Clean and Sturdy

When it comes to keeping your bathroom dry from water sprays and spillages, these showers can perform the job much better than a shower curtain or other types of enclosures.

The accumulation of dirt, moulds, residue from soaps and shampoos and other debris is virtually non-existent with this type of showers, making them very easy to clean and maintain.

Although they are made of glass, frameless showers are quite sturdy and durable. They are usually made of thicker materials and can last long with minimal maintenance. Additionally, because of the removal of elements used in framed showers, there is virtually no part that can be broken.

Because they are made of glass and because they are not fitted with trimmings, some homeowners have voiced concerns about the safety of using this type of shower enclosures. Aside from using thick glass, their manufacturers have ensured that all the edges have been filed down and smoothened to avoid any risk to those who will use the shower area.

On the other hand, these showers can be more expensive than their fully-framed and semi-framed counterparts. Additionally, they require specialist skills in installing them. If you are the type of person who likes to do DIY projects, it would be to your benefit to sit this one out. Click here to read more about bathroom budgets.

Types of Shower Doors

When it comes to frameless shower doors, homeowners have two options to choose from: the bypass door and the pivot door. Pivot doors are much like regular doors — they open and close through the use of hinges. Bypass doors, on the other hand, slide in or out to open or close the enclosure. This aspect is one major consideration you need to think about if you are considering having this type of showers in your bathroom, particularly if it has limited space.