Stylish Small Bathroom Ideas – Frameless Shower?

Stylish Small Bathroom Ideas – Frameless Shower?

Who says that a small bathroom renovation has to be style-less?

This is a genuinely awesome small bathroom idea that I need to break down for you in two words:

Frameless shower.

That’s right. While usually a fixture of high-end bathrooms, the frameless shower works well in small bathrooms because valuable floor space is not eaten up by the thickness of a shower/tub unit. Most frameless shower walls are a mere 12mm thick.


Stylish Ideas for small bathroom renovations


Get This Look for Your Small Bathroom

Why This Works for Small Baths: Frameless shower’s thin walls give extra room. Nifty wall-mounted vanity holds one sink plus counter space, or even two sinks. Wall mount design of sink gives extra room underneath for wastebasket or just open room.