Renovating Bathroom Steps

Renovating Bathroom Steps


5 Simple Renovating Bathroom Steps to Enjoy a New Bathroom

1. Renovating Bathroom Exploration

Let’s explore what you want & need in your new bathroom when it comes to renovating your bathroom there are usually many elements that you will have to consider to get started. Here are just some of the many wants you may have…

  • To keep the existing layout of your bathroom and make it brand new with a fresh and modern look
  • A completely new design with a more spacious and practical layout for your bathroom. Renovating your bathroom like this may mean relocating your bath, adding in a spa bath, shower or vanity. Adding or removing a component (like a bath or toilet)
  • Your third type of want is moving a window, doorway or wall to make the bathroom more usable with a better layout. Maybe you want a whole new bathroom inside the house with a designed approach from the ground up?

Your renovating bathroom needs might include…

  • Do you need a full renovation and not a partial renovation? A full renovation is the only way to ensure you have no future problems with your new bathroom. Choosing to have a partial renovation means the life span of that bathroom cannot be guaranteed or worse, it could devalue your home. A partial renovation or makeover is just like painting an old rusty car. It may look better for now, but you know that underneath it is still an old rusty car, has a limited life span and will cost you more in the long run.
  • Your bathroom may have been built before 1990 and could have asbestos in it. This is a good opportunity to have the asbestos removed to ensure the future safety of your family and bring your bathroom in line with today’s building regulations.
  • As you can see, there are many wants and needs to consider as part of the exploration phase. You’ll be pleased to know our bathroom consultants are experienced and happy to help you with this important and exciting phase of your bathroom renovation.


Renovating Bathroom Fixtures2. Renovating Bathroom Design

Design — We’ll give you the benefit of our expertise for free in the comfort of your own home. Our professional consultants sit down to help you to get what you want and need. The good thing is, our consultant doesn’t tell you what you have to have. Instead, you’ll enjoy the fact they listen and offer solutions and ideas to what you really want. After all it’s your house and your bathroom!

  • This process forms part of the bathroom design stage, so let’s look at that now…
  • By going through the wants and needs process, and looking at various photos on websites or magazines, you probably have decided on what’s most important to you.
  • Your design consultant from Pinnacle Bathrooms will offer practical, helpful advice and show you how to get the best out of your bathroom in the space provided. You’ll find them very creative and understanding.
  • With the final design discussed and decided upon, with consideration given to both your budget and your ideal design, it’s time to put that into writing in the form of a proposal…


Renovating Bathroom Furniture3. Renovating Bathroom Proposal

Proposal — you’ll receive the discussed design with all details in writing. This step of the bathroom renovation process comes with a caution.

Unfortunately, many people consider going ahead with a quote without fully understanding what they are agreeing to. Sure, they may seem like a good company, but you want to be sure they are, by seeing all the design components and inclusions in writing…

Some of the items you need to make sure are included in the quote (in writing) are seen below. If they are not included, buyer beware!

  1. Every trade that’s involved in your renovation (and there can be up to 12) is included in the quote and lists exactly what they are doing.
  2. Carpentry: what does the quote include by way of the type of materials being used? Are they termite treated and designed for wet areas like bathrooms? If not, then don’t assume anything. You need to ask them for specifics in writing.
  3. Tiling areas: any quote should tell you which areas are being tiled and which aren’t. If there are any feature tiles, then how many? Do all tiles go to the ceiling, or only half way up the wall?
  4. Electrical: does the quote have detailed electrical inclusions and who’s supplying what?
  5. Plumbing: does the quote make allowances for the different types of toilets and tap-ware that are available these days? They all have different plumbing requirements and have different costs involved in fitting them.
  6. Tiling options: some companies don’t make allowances for extra costs in installing different types of popular, tiles that take more time to lay and aren’t considered standard. Make sure the quote states the type of tile being laid! Is it a pressed edge ceramic, a porcelain, a rectified edge, natural stone, marble or mosaics….don’t get caught being charged extra because it wasn’t in writing… it can add up to thousands of extra dollars not included in the quote!

You’ll be glad to receive the proposal from Pinnacle Bathrooms as you will find all of the above details and more are included. All are fully explained so you have no concerns… there are no hidden surprises or ‘extras’ with Pinnacle Bathrooms! Check out our unique Pinnacle Promise.


Renovating Bathroom Faucet4. Renovating Bathroom Acceptance

Acceptance — okay, we’re ready to get started! With the proposal phase completed, you accept the proposal as is, or ask for changes, if you’re still unsure of anything.

We understand it’s a big decision and one you need time to consider. We won’t rush you, but we will keep in contact with you, offering any help until you’ve made an informed decision.

Obviously we want your business, and for you to become another happy Pinnacle Bathrooms customer that enjoys the relationship with us before, during and after your bathroom has been completed.

Pinnacle Bathrooms will work in with you and your family to complete your bathroom with the least amount of disturbance to your life. Not only will our professional team start the day we nominate, work the hours we specify, we will also complete your bathroom on time… guaranteed! That’s what 28 years of building industry experience provides for you.

As part of the acceptance you will be given an installation schedule. This will list our team’s work times including what day they will come to your home, the type of work they do and when they will finish. This gives you the peace of mind that you are dealing with professionals, every step of the journey.


Renovating Bathroom Ideas5. Renovating Bathroom Completion

Completion — now you can sit back and enjoy your new bathroom!With the bathroom renovation completed, you don’t want to be cleaning up before you can enjoy it.

That’s why your bathroom will be thoroughly cleaned, ready for you to use and enjoy the minute it’s complete and our last team member has left. No rubbish will be left on site, or in the bathroom as evidence we were ever there!

If you want cleaning advice for your new bathroom, our company is only too happy to give you advice. We’ll tell you what we’ve found is the best way to look after your bathroom and keep it looking new for years to come.

Where to now?

To get started with your bathroom, simply enter your name and email on the Contact Us page and we’ll be in touch promptly to begin the Exploration and/or Design phase!

You are guaranteed to enjoy personal, friendly and professional service from the very first phone call.

If this is your first bathroom renovation, and you maybe wondering how much it will all cost, our design consultation is free. However within a few minutes of your call and by answering a few simple questions we can give you a ballpark range of price.