Keeping Bathroom Renovation Costs Down

Keeping Bathroom Renovation Costs Down

Your bathroom renovations costs can soar if you’re not careful…


There are two positive factors to keeping bathroom renovations costs as low as possible:


  • The first is that it is not a room that needs a major renovation very often. Though it can be costly, you won’t likely have to do much to your bathroom for quite a number of years, aside from a little decorating or freshening up.
  • Secondly, bathroom renovation actually adds dollar value to your home aside from the value you receive from enjoying your newly renovated space.


Where to begin costing a bathroom renovationBathroom renovations cost cutting thoughts by Pinnacle Bathroom Renovations

You can’t really know what the design of a bathroom and renovation will cost until you do some planning and comparison shopping around.
You also need to decide how much of the work you will do yourself, or pay to have it done.

If you want to save money, then you should plan to do as much of the work as you are capable of. When it comes to more serious plumbing or electrical, you will need the services of a professional bathroom renovator. If you are replacing units in the same position as the old ones, you may be able to manage the plumbing yourself.
The important thing is to decide how capable you are. Sometimes it saves in the long run to pay a professional and avoid mistakes. If you are going to try and do most of the work yourself, make a plan, and be committed to getting it completed right down to the little details.

Bathroom renovations cost are Pinnacle Bathroom Renovations speciality

Make a floor plan, discuss what you want in your new bathroom, make a list, and begin doing some comparison shopping for bathroom fittings and materials. Until you decide what you want in your bathroom in terms of surface materials, flooring, cabinetry, and fixtures and begin pricing them you have no way of knowing how much the bathroom renovations will cost.
Shop around, decide what you want, and get realistic figures down on paper. See just what kind of money you are looking to be laying out. This is when sometimes you have to start making adjustments. In order to have one thing that is really important to you, you may have to either give up, or downgrade something else. You have to decide what your finances will handle.Bathroom renovations cost ideas by Pinnacle Bathroom Renovations
And don’t make your budget too tight. Set a bathroom renovation budget and add at least ten percent. Things can go wrong, or sometimes changes have to be made. Allow for that, and if it doesn’t happen, celebrate, but at least you will be prepared..


Smart ways to cut bathroom renovation costs:

  1. If you keep the plumbing where it is – you will have more to spend on replacing fixtures.
  2. If you visit every showroom and home improvement show you can find – you will soon get a clear idea of
new fixture models that may resolve any dimension problems you are having when making your new plans.
  3. Try not to get carried away with expensive fixtures, once you have carefully worked out your small bathroom remodeling budget you should keep looking until you find the best fixtures you can get for the price you want to pay.
  4. Costing for this project should be in relation to the value of your home.
  5. ‘Overspending on fixtures’ in small bathroom renovating – will probably not be reflected in any increase in the value of your home.
  6. One of the most important factors in small bathroom remodeling is to decide in your planning stage – what really is important to you and your family based on how and when you all use this, one of the most important rooms in your home.
  7. One way to control bathroom renovation costs would be to use tub and wall units that fit over existing tubs and walls, eliminating the cost of replacing your tub and wall tiles. Replacing everything could run into the thousands, and for a few hundred dollars, you could have the area look as if it is brand new.
  8. Expensive finishes like marble countertops may look fantastic, but they can also wear your budget pronto. You could cut your bathroom renovation costs in half by using a look-alike or faux marble countertop. These days the quality of faux products is so high that only you and your tradesman would know about it.

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