The bathroom design of your dreams is within your grasp…

We enjoy working closely with our clients at the outset of any bathroom renovation project to ensure we achieve the very best in bathroom design and function. In our first meeting with you at your house, we should be able to come up with a basic design for your bathroom. With a clever, innovative bathroom redesign from Pinnacle Bathrooms, we’ll give you advice on the main factors affecting the renovation like space, flow and product selection. These can however be largely affected by your budget.

The first meeting takes about an hour and is free. From there we can normally come back to you with an overall bathroom design and cost to have it done from beginning to end, or we may use our specialists for advice in particular areas such as glass frosting or to cater for your own design ideas, tile design or mosaic work.

.Bathroom designs for all large bathroom renovations

Before the bathroom redesign

When renovating a bathroom, consider what is probably the largest challenge in regards to home renovation: how to accomplish incorporating the features you want along with the style you desire within the limited space you have. And, doing it within your budget.
Bathrooms tend to be the most design and capital intensive so take your time to consider these three factors:

  • What part of your bathroom works for right now? What doesn’t? When remodelling your bathroom, consider the end-user goal: how will it need to function with regards to the family’s habits. Does it need to work for a busy couple in the morning, or is it a place to relax, or should it be a family bathroom that the children can use?
  • Now is the time to consider what your ideal bathroom design will look like, so keep an eye out for bathrooms you like within your friends and family circles. And browse for inspiration, online or in magazines like NZ Life & Leisure, Habitat, NZ Home & Garden, Urbis, Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly etc. You can find them all at your local newsagent.
  • Start counting the pennies. That means start establishing a budget before you embark on the bathroom design project. We know how difficult that can be, but it’s the most important part of the renovation exercise. It determines where the design will go, and just how far. But we can help at this stage and give you the right advice on what is possible and what’s not. And sometimes you’ll be surprised at how far Pinnacle Bathroom Renovations Budgeting can stretch your dollars with clever design, use of materials, and installation expertise.

Knowing what is you want often removes a lot of the guesswork on our side and helps us understand your specific bathroom design requirements. And that often means a more accurate design proposal and estimate.
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.Bathroom designs for all bathrooms

Expert bathroom design advice

These are the four areas that we will advise you on before we embark on the bathroom design job. With larger projects, especially when the colours will be reflected in the house down the track, we spend more time on colours and flow to ensure the perfect result for your home.

1. Space and Flow

We find out what you want from your bathroom and how you will use it as a family, couple or individual, taking into account your daily life and routines. Most important with a bathroom is function. Little oversights at this stage can make the finished product a little annoying at best, and at worst, dangerous.

Bathroom designs for all large bathroom renovations

2. Colours

In a lot of cases we are able to come up with a colour scheme, which is very much dependent on what bathroom design ideas you already have.
This is where we find out what you like, as colours are very individual, what colours are already in the home, and whether you have any plans to change any colours other than the bathroom.
Sometimes this is a simple job to make it flow with the rest of the house, other times people want to get more adventurous with the colours in the bathroom. We want to come up with a bathroom design that suits you and your house, but we also consider that you might one day want to sell and someone else has to like it.

Bathroom design colours

3. Product and Fitting Selection

The choice of products can be confusing. This is something we can make easy, once we understand what we are trying to do with the bathroom design. We have an extensive knowledge of products from multiple suppliers, and it is easy for us to find vanities, showers, baths and toilets that meet your design needs. Look out for our amazing special offers that will make a big impact on tighter bathroom design budgets.
We also look at the floor and wall coverings, what is practical and fits into your budget and colour scheme so that you can get the overall desired effect.

Bathroom design products

4. Plans and Drawings

With all bathroom redesigns there needs to be some plans and drawings done. In some cases there are very few, some times there is a lot. If they are done correctly, the chances of mistakes down the track is much less, and mistakes down the track cost a lot more.
No matter what your bathroom design needs are, we are able to take care of them, and ensure all goes smoothly to plan. Call Matt and his Team today on 0800 155 161 or email matt [at]