Stunning Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Five ideas to inspire your bathroom…

5 bathroom renovations ideas

Some ideas for how to renovate your bathroom are what you need, now that you’ve decided to remodel. And, it’s time to decide on what style of bathroom. Remember, the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the home and should be a private and personal space in which to rejuvenate. So you need to get the right bathroom renovation ideas clear in your mind.

Traditional, contemporary or eclectic mix? The fixtures, fittings, tiles, flooring, accessories, colors and finishes for walls all come together to create a special kind of mood. You should have a basic understanding about the difference between classic old-world style bathroom renovation ideas, or their parallel implementation, which depends on how you handle the details. If you use the guide below you can determine what is that you love in a bathroom design.


Contemporary bathroom renovations ideas


Contemporary/Modern Bathroom Renovation Ideas

“Contemporary” bathroom renovation ideas, sometimes used interchangeably with the word “modern,” is less a structured concept and more a way of life. Contemporary is cool and clean and can be as casual or as elegant as you please. Because so much of a bathroom is dominated by modern fixtures anyway, many people simply choose contemporary style, regardless of what they’re using in the rest of the house.

In general, contemporary style bathrooms appear simpler than traditional: Curves are looser and more sculptural; squared-off angles are commonplace; surface details are minimized or eliminated; and textures, rather than representational images, offer interest.

Sculptural one-piece toilets, sleek built-ins of all kinds, minimal or simply shaped hardware, and lots of chrome are all contemporary design elements. Some modern-style products make a point of revealing their structure and function where traditional style would take pains to disguise them.

Others reduce forms to their simplest, essential expression, easily seen in abstract patterns of dolphins, leaves, etc., in contemporary fabric designs. Contemporary style is easily at home in the modern with the best bathroom renovation design, since it’s of the same generation. Whether the look is dramatic or serene, renovating your bathroom with contemporary style at its best conveys an uplifting spirit of freshness and freedom.

California Spa

At home in transitional settings, this most popular of contemporary styles is softer than modern, cleaner than traditional, and easy to live with. Often credited to the legendary late designer Michael Taylor, refreshing yet sophisticated California style uses the neutrals of baskets, sea sponges, and driftwood plus every tone of white-on-white, from warm ivory to cool oyster-shell gray.

Soft pastels the color of sea glass may also play a part: Celadon (pale gray-green), lettuce (light yellow-green), and periwinkle (pastel blue-violet) are current favorites. Look for over-scaled, sleekly styled white porcelain spa tubs, pedestal sinks, or drop-in sinks in bleached-wood vanity cabinets.

Your cabinets may be frameless and hardware free; adorned with modern hardware in a silvery, brushed-nickel finish; or embellished with arty, offbeat hardware, such as pewter starfish.

Floors may be anything pale, beautiful, and practical: white marble (real or faux) or oversize white ceramic tiles laid on the diagonal to maximize space. Fluffy towels in white, sand, and ecru, and a few big shells to hold soaps are all the accessories you need.


Scandinavian contemporary, a less serious cousin of the 1950’s Scandinavian modern, is a cheerful look that pairs whites and light wood tones with one or more bright primary colors. It’s a can’t-miss look for a kid’s bath or one with a snappy sailing theme.

A vanity painted glossy white is a fresh look; naturally finished pale woods such as ash and beech make a nice alternative. A white porcelain drop-in sink has a simple, clean look; add a gooseneck taps and fittings in colorful enameled steel for a jolt of fun and fashion.

For an interesting alternative to red/yellow/blue with white, choose intense secondary and tertiary colors such as teal, violet, and yellow-orange or lime. For long-term versatility, confine strong colors to towels and accessories, or choose the most staid of them – royal blue and teal are bath favorites that work with many other colors – for your border tiles and other installed accents.

Art Deco

This frankly glamorous style from the 1920s and ’30s is well-suited to a contemporary bath where an extra bit of cool and drama is required. Based on white, ivory, and gray plus black and cool metallic tones, Art Deco is sophisticated and sleek.

If you’d like a bit more color, add tropical aqua and coral for a Miami influence, ice blue and mauve for the New York-to-Paris variant. Stylized, leaping antelopes, lotus flowers, palmetto leaves, and other exotic images of nature bring the Art Deco look to your ceramic tile borders and wall-coverings.

Traditional white pedestal sinks à la Grand Hotel and gleaming chrome fittings are perfect for this look, along with lots of mirrors. For accessories, look for silvery mercury glass and frosted glass.
If you prefer a vanity sink, look for one in blonde wood with chrome banding and hardware, or have a vintage “moderne” chest of drawers converted. A pale marble, solid-surfacing, or laminate vanity countertop is a natural.
Because it’s a historical style, although a relatively recent one, Art Deco can be used to good effect in a traditional home. In fact, if you live in a pre-WWII-era house, you may find that a lot of existing elements, such as tile, are already in place in your bath!

Urban Loft

This savvy style owes its flair to Milan-style modern and its grit to industrial chic. Simple shapes in remarkable materials are key to the look; for example, see how polished granite, art glass, and stainless steel add light-catching sparkle to the space.
Choose a streamlined pedestal sink or a vanity with an interesting sink – perhaps hammered stainless steel or an art-glass bowl that sits entirely on top of the counter. For the vanity, choose a frameless, solid hardwood or metal model with finger grooves or modern statement-making door and drawer pulls. (For a slightly funkier 1950’s brand of modern, spark the look with chrome banding, edges, and hardware, but skip the grooved designs – they’re hard to clean).

For the countertop, choose the smooth sweep of marble or granite (black with mica chips is dynamite) or plain solid surfacing, perhaps in gunmetal gray. If your bathroom budget decrees laminates, go either very plain or with a funky, abstract pattern or texture, and don’t be afraid of showing a lot of metal, especially chrome and stainless steel. Specify nonslip ceramic, natural stone, or even commercial rubber floor tiles. For your shower curtain, choose an abstract print in adventurous color combinations or in neutrals with an interesting texture. Window treatments should be minimal: Here’s the place for narrow metal mini-blinds or a Roman shade in cotton duck.

Go for glossy ceramic wall tiles or high-gloss paint in white or, if space allows, a dramatic color that’s decoratively inset in a backsplash. For accent colors, repeat your dramatic color, and add a few others — acid green, teal or violet-blue, lush cantaloupe or scarlet — and carry it out in accessories sparked with chrome and black.


Funky, and confident, retro modern celebrates that bright, brash look from the 1940s and ’50s. This practical style is great for a kid’s bath or one off the family rec room: It offers easy cleaning with lots of glossy surfaces plus a look that’s young, cheerful, and energetic.

To start, take your basic white bath, toss in a few bright primary colors and hot pastels (perhaps red, turquoise, and yellow, or coral, mint, and royal blue), and mix in a pinch or two of black for drama. The classic retro look is a white pedestal sink; if you need the room, try a wood vanity painted in high-gloss white or, for the adventurous, metal finished with appliance-grade paints. Accent with shiny modern chrome fittings, and scour flea markets and architectural salvage dealers for chrome counter edging, fittings, and vintage modern cabinet hardware.

Choose retro-patterned vinyl or linoleum flooring and laminate countertops. Finish it off with perky café curtains or a valance in retro-print fabrics (available new or in savvy flea market shops) over metal Venetian blinds, with a matching shower curtain – great for small bathroom renovation budgets.

For accessories, choose any memorabilia that has a practical use, such as cartoon character mugs as toothbrush holders. With a slight shift of colors (lime instead of mint, for example) plus different fabric and laminate patterns, your retro look could flash forward to the early ’60s.


Eclectic bathroom renovations ideas


Eclectic Ideas for your bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most purely functional rooms in any house, but that does not mean it can’t also be a showcase for your interior bathroom design talents. All bathrooms need not look exactly alike. Take part in the bathroom renovations idea and stimulate the design of your bathroom by making it an eclectic representation of you or your family’s personality.

Whirlpool Tub and Fireplace

Installation of a large whirlpool tub and a fireplace can transform your bathroom into one of the most romantic spots in the house. If you don’t have enough space for an actual fireplace, make a faux fireplace and heat it with candles that still supply the necessary romantic ingredient.

Decorative Hardware

Bathroom fittings like tap handles don’t need to be boring. Shop around long enough, and you will find the perfect tap handles — and drawer pulls and cabinet handles — to suit your personality. A tap handle is not even that terribly difficult to make yourself. Just about anything around the house into which a small hole can be drilled can become usable as a tap handle, so look around and let your imagination soar.


Diagonally placed mirrors can make a small bathroom seem larger, and the design takes away that obvious mirror element. Slice one wall in half by placing a diagonal mirror, and decorate the top half with randomly placed mirror tiles. If you don’t like the idea of tiles, decorate the top half with DVDs or CDs with the shiny side facing out.

Black and White

Hop into the way-back machine and make your bathroom look like something from an old 1930’s or 1940’s black and white movie. Go for black and white checkerboard tiling on the floor. Hang black-vinyl outlined picture frames on the wall. Invest in an old-fashioned sink and tub and maybe even one of those retro pull-string toilets. Finish with white ceramic tiles accented with small black borders.


If you really want to get an eclectic bathroom that looks like no one else’s in the family or among your friends, invest in a European-style bidet. The style of the bidet should ideally be the same style as your toilet. Truly eclectic style would indicate buying a toilet where the tank is hidden inside the wall so that only the bowl section is visible.

Bathroom Library

It doesn’t get much more eclectic than a bathroom that is also a sitting room where you can laze a Sunday afternoon away while sitting on a banquette placed into a bay window. Take out the toilet and place it elsewhere, and enjoy going from the tub to the cushioned bench without missing a page of Jane Austen or Stephen King. Install a glass-door bookcase inside the bathroom so you can switch from A Confederacy of Dunces to Wicked while making the trip from the bench seating into the luxurious soaking tub without the humidity affecting the paper.


Minimalistic bathroom renovations ideas


Minimalistic Ideas for a Bathroom Renovation

  • A bathroom area that is stripped to its essential elements is a great bathroom renovation idea – to do more with less. A minimalist bathroom may feature more elaborate styles but without the trimmings of unnecessary distractions or ornaments and the purpose is met or offered as simply as possible.
  • Colors may be of neutral colors that complement the overall design and using a single color for the floors and walls creates the illusion of more space because it blots out boundaries. In a bathroom design with neutral colors and a minimalist decorating scheme, the accent colors you choose can make a big difference in how the room feels.
  • The owners of a modern, minimalist-style home wanted the same decorating style for their bath but without the chill this look can sometimes impart. Choosing a sophisticated palette of taupe, plum, and silver was an excellent start. The color scheme, largely neutral, is warmer and more interesting thanks to the selection of plum as an accent color.
  • Crystal vases and large pieces of silver-painted pottery can add a few dramatic light-reflective elements to a minimalist space, creating interest without too much softness. Pale floor tiles; a textured glass-block window; and frameless, hardware-free cabinetry create a repeated geometric theme.
  • To add more warmth and depth without busyness, the walls could be ragged and glazed in layers of taupes and ivories to create an aged, faux-stone impression. The result will be an added dimension much more appealing than previously sterile, white walls.
  • Against the expanse of ivory-white surfaces everywhere, the bright accents of silver and the warm accents of plum and taupe stand out even more dramatically.
    If you love a sparse aesthetic but want more warmth than a minimalist design can offer, think about the horizontal lines and sculptural fixtures that a modern bathroom renovation designs can offer.


Old-Style bathroom renovations ideas


Traditional Bathroom Ideas

For a bathroom renovation idea with a warm, relaxed, airy feel, a traditional or old world decorating scheme may be appropriate. Its use of natural materials, soft colors, time-worn texture and dramatic use of space with vanity mirrors and sconces makes it an elegant yet inviting choice for a place of retreat and rejuvenation.

Natural Materials

Focus on using natural materials rather than contemporary synthetics. Old World-themed bathrooms contain surfaces and flooring made from stone, wood and glass. Ceramic tile and tumbled marble are common. Large tubs and plenty of open space also define this style, so keep surface patterns and designs fairly subtle to keep the bathroom from looking smaller. To capture the antique quality of the Old World style, opt for large claw-foot tubs and pedestal sinks.


To incorporate an Old World theme without having to renovate the bathroom entirely, focus on accents such as wrought-iron towel holders and wood, stone or iron sconces. These provide warm, ambient light at night, while natural daylight also provides a warm retreat. To make the bathroom look more spacious, use neutral-colored Roman shades. Wrought-iron or large wooden-framed vanity mirrors also add a bit of luxury and opulence, and are particularly effective in areas with high ceilings or plenty of wall space.


Traditional Old World styles use plenty of texture. Consider using latticework and other printed wallpaper, though you should remember to choose neutral colors to create the illusion of grand, imposing space. You can also use accents with distressed or rustic finishes, earthenware and faux-finish furniture. You can incorporate texture into your shower design as well, using frameless, etched glass.

Color Palette

While the Old World visual style encompasses largely soft, neutral colors, there is room to bring in some variation. Mahogany accents, dark-blue floors and small burgundy accent walls can bring in color without being too bright or bold. When in doubt, steer toward earthen and neutral tones, which help create the timeless, natural environment you’re striving for.

Architectural Elements

Much of this style’s dramatic effect comes from Old World-style architecture. If your decorating plans involve redesigning and renovating the bathroom, consider elements such as arched windows and ceilings, columns, arched doors, and ceiling beams. If you aren’t remodeling, try to find these elements in cabinetry, accents and furniture.


Rustic bathroom renovations ideas


Rustic Bathroom Designs

A rustic bathroom design offers you an escape from the glare of modern, polished chrome fixtures and shining, glazed tile walls. Instead, rustic decor lends itself to a natural, utilitarian – and at times rugged – style, which is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Surface Materials

Cover the counters and floors of your rustic bathroom with natural, durable, materials. These materials include stone (marble and granite), and wood. While stone gives the surfaces a substantial, elegant feel, wood provides a more organic, warm appeal.
 Light, earth-tone ceramic tiles also work well in a rustic bathroom. But, if you don’t want to spend the money to replace an entire floor, cover your existing bathroom floor surface with woven, natural fiber mats or rugs.


There are several ways to give your bathroom walls a rustic appeal. One option is to give them a rough, textural appearance with natural stones, such as travertine, or cover them with a sloppy coast of coarse plaster.
 The beauty of these types of walls lie in their numerous “imperfections”, which give roughly-surfaced walls a natural appeal while simultaneously making them impervious to smalls scratches and dings.
 Of course, wooden walls also contribute to the rustic aesthetic. Two of the most common wood wall options for bathrooms include wood paneling and split-log siding, which consists of parallel rows of halved logs. The convex sides of these logs face the interior of the space, creating natural, dimensional features.


All types of antique-style and country style fixtures can work well in rustic bathrooms. These include bronze taps, handles tubs. Porcelain, claw-foot bathtubs are another option, and will contribute to a chic-meets-rustic style in the bathroom. As an alternative to a basic, ground-mounted sink, we recommend suspending a natural stone bowl from a pair of wrought iron brackets.

Storage Accessories

Remember, the smallest details of your bathroom can lend to a rustic ambiance. Instead of hanging metallic or plastic towel hangers and hooks on your walls, use a series of Shaker-inspired wooden pegs. When it comes to toilet paper, soap, razors, shaving cream and other toiletries, store them in vintage wooden trays, terracotta flowerpots or woven fiber baskets..

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