Bathroom Renovation Checklist

Renovating a bathroom can be overwhelming. You have to decide how much you can spend, select the right products, and determine if you’re going to change the layout.
And that’s often before you call a renovator.
To ensure that your renovation runs smoothly, here’s a bathroom renovation checklist to keep your project on track. Remember: A successful renovation is all about smart timing.

Renovation Checklist – 6 Months Out

– Get inspired. To figure out what you want your new bathroom to look like, tear pages out of magazines and catalogues, and make a scrapbook or inspiration board. Designer Holly Rickert tells clients to use Post-Its to note why they like each bathroom. Later, she recommends flipping through the photos to find commonalities, and select similar tiles and fixtures. More on designing a new bathroom here.

– Choose a contractor. While it’s not necessary to talk to us yet, it’s a good time to start having a look at what we can offer and how to contact us. Then, when you’re ready to make the call, you’ll have us listed in your phone.

– Start sketching. It’s essential to consider layout early on. Spend time thinking about what works about your bathroom’s layout—and what doesn’t. Consider storage needs: Could a closet be turned into a custom cabinet offering lots of stash spots?

Here are some other things to consider:

  1. fixtures outdated and unattractive
  2. plumbing problems
  3. inadequate hot water supply
  4. inadequate lighting and electrical outlets
  5. moisture damage
  6. lack of storage and counterspace
  7. bathroom flooring worn and dated
  8. arrangement not functional
  9. entire bathroom area too small
  10. More small bathroom ideas here
Lastly, would you like to move the toilet, sink, or bathtub, and if so, what is feasible plumbing-wise? Are you going to expand the size of the bathroom or simply improve its aesthetic?

Bathroom Renovation Costs: Keep in mind that the most expensive thing to move in a bathroom is the toilet. Also, if you plan to install multiple body sprays in the shower, it’s likely that your bathroom will require more rough plumbing work, so the cost will be higher.

Checklist-Features to Consider:

1.  shower and bathtub
2.  water saving toilet
3.  larger hot water tank if needed
4.  updated wiring and outlets
5.  ventilation
6.  better more diverse lighting
7.  larger vanity-two basin vanity
8.  additional storage for linens and bath supplies
9.  larger medicine cabinet or mirror
10.under-floor heating grids
11. new flooring
12. towel warmers
13. steam shower
14. sauna
15. jet or whirlpool bath
16. temperature controlled faucets and shower heads
17. new floor plan
18. expanding bath into available space

Bathroom Checklist – 3 Months Out

– Finalize your budget. According to NZ averages, the average person will spend about $12,000 renovating a bathroom. Once you’ve figured out what you can spend, you should count on spending about two-thirds of your budget on labor. Then you’ll have a clearer sense of what you can spend on tile, fixtures, and extras, like a glass shower door. Or you can contact us and let us use our buying power and vast network to source the materials at often below discount prices. If the remaining amount seems low, don’t fret: Thanks to a wide range of tile and fittings options, you can often replicate a high-end luxury look for less. For example, a tile that costs $10 per square metre can substitute for $100-per-square metre tile.

-Pencil Pinnacle Bathrooms in. With a few months to go before demolition, it’s a good time to bring us in. Let us have a look at your drawings and make sure your plan—adding two shower heads, installing a Jacuzzi tub, etc.—is possible. We’ll give you expert advice, review estimates, payment schedules and sign a contract. At this point, we should be able to commit to a start date, create a timeline of when we needs materials, and estimate when the project will be complete. Most bathroom renovations take about six weeks from start to finish. Find out exactly how many days you’ll be without a shower, especially if you’re renovating your home’s only full bath. Make alternate plans in advance.

Bathroom Renovation Checklist – 2 Months Out

-Purchase tile and fixtures. While some tile orders can be fulfilled in two to three days, handmade or hand-painted tiles could take 12 weeks. Play it safe and make sure your tile orders are placed at least eight weeks before your demo date.

Fixtures should also be purchased early. Even big-name manufacturers can take three to four weeks to deliver products. High-end products often take as long as six to eight weeks to arrive.
If you’re ordering custom-built vanity or cabinets, check with the manufacturer to make sure that they’ll be there when the contractor needs them. Light fixtures can also take several weeks to arrive, so give yourself plenty of leeway when ordering.

Bathroom Renovation Checklist – 1 Month Out

-Prep for our arrival. Clear out medicine cabinets and bathroom closets, and set up a temporary grooming space where you can get ready out of sight of our team.
-Shop for accessories. With most of the bathroom redesigning and hard planning over, have fun shopping for towel bars, towel hooks, a toilet paper holder, and the perfect soap dish. If you have a new color scheme, pick out your new shower curtain or towels.
-Select a paint color. Once the tile is up and the flooring is down, you’ll be able to get a sense of what color to paint the walls. It’s difficult to pick anything before that.

-Check in with your Pinnacle Team Leader often. Every day, when we arrive, ask what will be done that day and mention any project hiccups and concerns you might have. Keep the lines of communication open. Make sure we know where to store materials and how to get into the house if you’re not there. Keep pets and children away from the work site.

Bathroom Renovation Checklist – Final Days

-Be flexible and communicative. We’re almost there!

-Celebrate. Throw down your new bath mats, unpack your toiletries, and sip a glass of Champagne.