Good Bathroom Design

We are often asked what good bathroom design is. It’s a difficult question to answer because design is such a subjective thing.

However there are the basics and I cover them off pretty well on the redesign page.

One thing that crops up often though is the subject of Feng-shui with regards to the design of the bathroom. Now we don’t practice this ancient art in the fundamentalist sense, but there are some good tips in the practice that will enhance your bathroom experience.



Here are a few bathroom design Feng-shui tips:

  • Pretty obvious, but toilet seats and doors should always be closed.
  • Close your bathroom door when you use it – apparently it won’t let the negative chi energy from the bathroom out and spread across the house.
  • Your bathroom is the place where you clean yourself, so make it a goal to keep your bathroom clean also. This will definitely lead to a positive response in your life.
  • Clear out all the crap, especially what your mind consumes. Throw away magazines that you don’t read, and those you do, keep them nice and clean and tidy. Avoid fashion mags and tabloids that make you feel ugly, fat and poor and instead keep books that inspire you, or make you dream, rejoice and laugh.
  • Windows are gold for good bathroom design. If you have a window then use it and try keep it open as often as possible. And if you have the opportunity to put a window in, then go for it!
  • Fix things as soon as they break. Things that need repairing become a weight on your shoulders, niggling away at the back of your mind. So get them sorted as soon as you can – and obviously call someone professional to do it properly or just give you some good advice.
  • Our moods are heavily influenced by our sense of smell. So use aromatherapy to turn your bathroom a sanctuary of peace and calm. And different scents enhance certain emotions. For example, pine, rosemary and cucumber give courageous emotions. Floral scents like jasmine, rose and carnation will give you a romantic mood. Citrus aromas like lemon and grapefruit stimulate the imagination. Spicy scents like ginger, cinnamon, and frankincense bring on self-expression.
  • Earthy elements are used to balance that fact that bathrooms are a strong source of the water element. Painting or tiling with earthy colours, like sand, orange, ochre, and terra-cotta will ground your bathroom design and use accessories like stones, candles and textured rugs. Also try and design natural wood finishes into your bathroom.
Feng-shui bathroom design


More Feng-shui advice

  • Your mirror reflects yourself, so keep it clean. A dirty mirror can lead to low self esteem.
  • Plants are essential. They literally breathe life into your bathroom. Just make sure they like water.
  • Give your old expired medicines the old heave-ho. Clean out the medicine cabinet as frequently as you can to get rid of any reminders of unhealthy times. Keep only what you need and try to push the more serious stuff behind the healthier treatments like vitamins to promote a greater sense of control over your health.